Pregnancy Acupuncture Clinic Inner West Sydney
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We receive referrals from independent midwives, Hospital Maternity units and birth centres. We offer Pregnancy Acupuncture for:


Morning Sickness, Heartburn, Depression/anxiety, Fatigue and exhaustion, Insomnia, Symphysis pubis pain, Muscular/skeletal conditions and pain management, Carpal tunnel syndrome, Leg cramps, Varicose veins, Thrush, Constipation, Digestive complaints, Haemorroids, Swelling, Hypertension/HBP, Sinisitis and Anemia.


Acupuncture is also used for:
Posterior positioned babies, Breech positioned babies, VBAC preparation,
Pre birth acupuncture and Induction.


How does pregnancy acupuncture work?

Weekly acupuncture from 36 weeks onwards is recommended to prepare a woman’s body for child birth.

These acupuncture treatments promote a healthy and natural birth, with a focus on the cervix and pelvis for labour. The acupuncture points that are used during this time boost energy, aid relaxation and nourish the blood in the body as well as softening the ligaments and tendons prior to labour and aiding in cervix dilation.

In pregnant women, acupuncture is safe and can typically be used to help eliminate morning sickness, fluid retention and also in preparing the body for labour. For those mums-to-be having difficulty sleeping, pregnancy acupuncture can also provide relief.


Feedback from midwives about pre birth acupuncture is that acupuncture has:

Reduced the length of time women spent in labour, reduced the number of women requiring medical intervention (medical induction, epidural and c section) and increased rates of normal vaginal births. Closer to the time of the due date, pregnancy acupuncture can also help to “ripen” the cervix.

A little about us

Olive Tree Acupuncture’s warm and comforting environment allows for a holistic approach to health. With a supportive process and effective treatment, our practitioners are dedicated to offering a number of services that assist with IVF, fertility and pregnancy. Located in two locations throughout Sydney, our services can be found in Leichhardt in the Inner West and in the Eastern Suburbs at Double Bay